Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Wilus's vegetable garden

Wilus Exil (far right) in his home vegetable garden. The line of amaranth-spinach stretching out to Wilus's left is all in a series of tires. Wilus also has eggplant, garlic chives, hot peppers, green peppers and parsely, in a total of some sixteen tires. The leaves you can see at the bottom left of the picture are from Moringa trees. Wilus has three vegetable beds planted to Moringa.

Wilus has been a member of the crew responsible for the Road to Life Yard-Moringa project for three years. He lives in the community of Leodiyag.

Fedlens (left) and Wilner installing a gutter on Wilus's house. The 4" PVC pipe that we use for gutters in our rainwater collections systems, is sliced open on one side and slides in over the tin roofing. We attach the guttes to the roof with binding wire.

Wilus with the PVC pipe that directs the rainwater into the in-ground cistern that Wilus constructed. A few hours after we finished helping Wilus install the gutters, a downpour came, one of the first of the rainy season here in the Central Plateau.

Six of the eleven members of the Road to Life Yard crew have completed, or nearly completed, rainwater collection systems at their houses.

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