Friday, January 23, 2009

For folks checking in, plus, a note from Keith

Just a quick note for people checking in. All four brigade members are here and tomorrow we head up to Papaye-Hinche. The four visitors plus Jenny will fly up with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)--a twenty minute flight. I will drive up with Fenes, with most of the luggage and parts and pieces. And the two solar panels and batteries Keith and I purchased today for house Jenny and I will hopefully be moving into soon.

The Google Earth coordinates are 19 12 27.28, -71 58 59.94.

Many blessings.

Mark and Jenny


All,Bill left at 7 this morning with Tracee to go to Dumay. Mark, Fenes Louis the MPP driver, and I went shopping this morning. We picked up some supplies for Jenny's lab and then went for electrical supplies. We went to a hardware store where Mark is well known. I was introduced to the owner Gito and his wife Patricia as well as all of the staff. We went through Dad's list. They had 3/4 inch pvc but it is very thin. I think we got enough of the correct fittings. They had the wire we needed in #12 and #10. The ground rods are only 5 feet instead of 8. Then we went to look at solar panels. Turns out that all of Marks batteries are bad so we ended up buying two 12 volt 50 watt Kyocera solar panels and two new Trojan T105 185 amp hour deep discharge batteries. Most of you don't care about these details but Bruce, Dad and I have been discussing them. We had talked about going out to Dumay but by the time we unloaded the supplies at the MPP office it was too late to find Dumay and make it back to pick up Tim and Mary Beth at 4. So we went to a restaurant for lunch. After we ordered, Finnes picked up Jenny so the four of us ate toghether. The main street is pretty smooth but very crowded. The side streets are a bit rough. Tim and Mary Beth's plane appears to be only 30 minutes late. We are leaving shortly to meet them. By the way, my blackberry works in Port au Prince so I can send and receive e-mail as well as phone calls.


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