Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ti Jak, MPP, Port au Prince

"Ti Jak", a member of MPP who lives in Port au Prince. Ti Jak is a mechanic at the garage where most of MPP's vehicles are serviced. When I visited with him on Friday, he told us stories of using one of the vehicles being serviced at the garage to carry load after load of injured neighbors to the local police station, where they hoped to find medical aid.

Ti Jak also was responsible for saving one of the neighbors in a house next to MPP's office on Delmas 39.

The office was completely destroyed, but Ti Jak and several other members of MPP were able to get computers, chairs, printer, inverter, solar panels and some other office equipment out of the house a few days after the quake.

We've heard from friends from Leogane about 40 miles southwest of Port, where the situation is particularly bleak. Word is that most of the buildings in the city were destroyed. Outlying communities were also heavily affected, all up and down the mountain, although loss of life in the Cormier area was less than I feared. Friends up near the top of the mountain and other down in the valley all survived, although many lost their houses.

In Christ,

Mark, Jenny, Keila


Anonymous said...

We remembered you all in our prayers this morning at St. Mark, Ballwin.

Heather said...

Hello Mark-
Thank God you are well. I stumbled upon this blog as I was searching for news of friends in Bigonet. Have you heard anything from there? Louis Noncent, Father Kerwin Delicat (lives in Leogane but could have been at any of 8 villages) Ceder Nelson? If you have the ability to respond let us know. We will pray for you.
Heather from St. James on the Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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