Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lots of Visitors!

Hey Friend!

Check of PC(USA) moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow blog. Bruce was one of a delegation of some seven folks from PC(USA) visiting Haiti this week, bringing a word of solidarity to PC(USA) partners here in Haiti as well as working to develop the dialogue with them about how best folks from the USA can participate in Haiti's resurrection the most effectively.

The delegation also included Doug Welch, assistan director of missions, Ruth Farrell, Coordinator for the PC(USA) Hunger Program , Maria Arroyo, Coordinator for Caribbean and South America, and Pix Mahler, liaison for PC(USA) partneres in Haiti.

We also had two folks from the Dominican Republic with us, including Kristin Hamner, the Mission Co-worker in Haiti helping to coordinate mission trips to both the DR and to Haiti (!).
Carlos Cardenas and Jessica Maudlin, here with us in MPP (Mouvman Peyizan Papay--Farmer's Movement of Papay) as part of the assistance PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) is providing in Haiti through MPP.

The group spent a day and a half with us, Wednesday evening and all day Thursday, meeting with my local boss, Chavannes Jean Baptiste, and seeing the work of MPP on the ground. It was a good visit.

Today, I am in Port au Prince waiting for my two brothers, Bruce and Keith Hare, to come in. Bruce and Keith are here to work on installing a solar-powered electrical system for a clinic in Dumay, near Croix-de-Bouquets which is part of Healing Arts Mission, based out of Granville, Ohio. Keith will be going straight to the project, but Bruce will be headed home with me to spend a day with Jenny, Keila and me in our home in Bassin Zim.

This makes our third "group" of visitors this month! We had a friend visit at the beginning of April, named Cosimo Storniolo, a doctor from Corvallis, Washington.
Cosimo was here for a lightening quick trip as well, coming for the weekend from work he was doing in Leogane as part of a medical missions trip to help serve communities affected by the quake.

Bruce and Keith come in in about an hour. In the meantime, I am trying to catch up on old e-mails. I will soon stop, though, and may have to simply ask you all to give me a chance to declare an electronic "Jubilee." Meaning, forgiving me my debts as of today, in terms of responding to your notes, and writing me again if you truly need me to respond.

Many blessings on you all, and please know that your prayers are very much appreciated. Our daughter, Keila, is doing very well, which is at least in part, due to your thoughts and prayers of support!

In Christ,


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