Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cholera in Haiti

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to you all to let you know that Jenny and Keila are fine. There have been two confirmed cases of cholera in the Hinche area as of Monday or Tuesday. Jenny and I are taking more precautions than normal to assure our hands are clean, especially when we are feeding Keila, etc.

The last figues, as of Sunday, were 3,015 cases, most in the area around St. Marc (about two hours north of Port au Prince) with some in Mirebalais (about one hour south of us). There were also five cases confirmed in Port au Prince. My understanding is that those were people who had come from the area around St. Marc (the Artibonite valley). In the brief time I had to check internet just this PM, that was still the only information I found. You all may know more than me.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to keep our health in your prayers, as well as the Haitian government, in its response to this particular crisis.

In Christ,

Mark, Jenny and Keila


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us informed about your family and work in Haiti. The cholera epidemic reminds us that troubles bring new troubles. You remind us that blessings can also multiply. We think and pray for you often.

Richard Hunt

Becky Duff said...

Thanks for the update. Hinche is my adopted hometown. I am a nurse from US who has done a lot of clinic and hospital work in Haiti. Travel independantly or usually with a friend or 2. Going back December and would love to network with you. Right now trying to find out if there is a guest house or affordable hotel in Hinche. The church we usually work with and stay at is getting too busy with other teams to accomodate us at times. Blessings to you and God Bless your ministry to the haitian people.
Becky Duff

Mark Hare; Jenny Bent said...


Please check out the PC(USA) Mission Connections site and write me at that address.

Mark Hare; Jenny Bent said...


Thanks for checking the blog, for your comments and for your ongoing support. It is precious. Many greetings to your family and to the church.


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