Friday, November 19, 2010

News about Interpretation Assignment 2011

Jenny, Keila and Mark, in Managua, July 2010. Photo by Hypatia Bent

Hey Again,
Another note to let you all know that Jenny, Keila and I will be in the States from February through, approximately, June, 2011. For those reader who are members of churches who provide support for our work with MPP (Mouvman Peyizan Papay--Farmer's Movement of Papaye) we would be happy to work on scheduling a visit to your church or your presbytery.
Please contact us through our PC(USA) Mission Connections website:
We will also be trying to put together an updated address list of supporters. Once that is put together we will mail you all information about possible dates you could host us, or me. We will be working on getting residency in the States for Jenny, so she will not be readily available for travel.
We will be serving as missionaries-in-residence at ECHO during February and March, so during that period, we would prefer to focus on churches in the vicinity of ECHO's center in North Fort Myers, Florida (southwest Florida, just north of Naples). We currently have an engagement from February 19th-February 25th.
We look forward to hearing from you!
In Christ,
Mark, Jenny and Keila

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nicakim said...

So good to get an update on your family. The cholera outbreak is so sad and yet predictable with the sanitary situation with so many still homeless. We are praying daily for your mom, Jenny. We are so far from Florida but just in case you come west to Arizona, we'd love to see you.

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