Monday, October 3, 2011

Vote! A Fair Fruit Project supported by PC(USA) Mission Worker Christi Boyd


Below is a note from our friend, Christi Boyd, a fellow mission worker in the Cameroon. Christi is advocating here for a local organization in the Cameroon (West Africa)--RELUFA, which is part of a larger organization called Joining Hands, a project of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Hunger Program. Joining Hands works on uniting grassroots organizations in developing countries, helping them to work together to change underlying causes of hunger in their own countries. RELUFA, the Cameroonian "branch" of Joining Hands has been advocating for the transparent reporting of payments received by the Cameroonian government from Transnational Corporations for national resources, such as gold, oil and diamonds. Normally, such payments have gone into the national treasury without public knowledge, and from there, to who knows where?

Please vote for RELUFA's Fair Fruit project!

From Christi Boyd:

Dear friends,

RELUFA's Fair Fruit project( ) is through to the second - and last - round in an online competition to win the 2011 Public Prize "For the World of Tomorrow". The 10,000 Euro prize will be used towards implementing our "Farm to Market" strategy to ensure longterm sustainability of the project and a better assured income for our marginalized farmers. For you all it's an opportunity to support our project and its producers without any costs or special offering!

In this last round it really comes down to rallying all our fans, and set through them into motion a chain reaction for an exponentially increasing number of voters. Will you participate (again)? Deadline for voting is the 9th of November.

This round voting is much simpler:

1. Go to ,

2. click on the green (stem) button

3. fill in your e-mail address

4. do the simple math problem (it's probably a verification method)

5. and forward this call to your family, friends, colleagues, social circles and networks, mission committee, church members, youth group etc.

You can follow the score on .

As it goes with these online competitions, it is from the start to finish a fierce battle, a matter of giving it all with a last sprint to come through the finish line as first. Thank you in advance for your cheering and please let me now if you have any questions!


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