Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey Friends,

Two and a half weeks down, one week to go of Jenny's Mission Worker orientation. We head to Amesville next Saturday, with my niece, Sarah. She got here yesterday and will be helping us this next couple of weeks. Keila is happy.

Jenny has been dealing off and on with cough and now a full-blown cold. Annika made it through the worst of a cough, stuffy nose and fever, but still has the cough. Keila is getting over an ear infection and a runny nose, but still has a cough.

So far I'm just feeling generally a little bit draggy, sneezy and stuffy ears, nothing that acetominphen can't handle.

Keila is still playful, Annika is still smiling and Jenny is still making me laugh (and laughing at me). It will be so nice to be in Amesville with Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa). Praying for a big snow storm next Sunday early early AM so Dad's meeting in Tennessee gets postponed.

Keila and I got to play in the snow twice while we were in Toronto. She learned to throw snowballs, although it was cold enough at the time, they didn't stick together very well.

After a week in Amesville, Jenny and the girls will be spending a week with at Keith and Priscilla (Sarah's parents). Keith and I will be headed to Haiti for a week. I will be helping to lead a group from Royal Oak Presbyterian Church, from outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Jenny, the girls and I will then head to Nicaragua and then to the Dominican Republic sometime the last week of February.

We continue to covet your prayers! But life is blessed, God's Grace is present and accounted for. We are surrounded by family and unexpected friends.

Blessings to you all!

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