Saturday, June 2, 2012

A walk in the mountains of Léogâne--Part III: Mancicile & Citronier

And the saga now continues! After our trip into Pâque and Orange on Monday and Tuesday, May 14th and 15th, Boston Jn Gilles, the president of ODEPOL(Organisation pour le Développement de Orange-Pâque de Lèogâne: Organization for the Development Orange-Pâque of Léogâne), took us to a community called Mancicile (sp?) in the municipal section of Citronier (Sitwonyè, in Creole). This trip took about two and a half hours, one hour in public transportation (pickup trucks with the back of the pickup covered and wooden seats installed) and about one and a half hours on the back of motorcycles. We were four people, so we doubled up on two motorcycles. (Photos by Mark Hare & Herve Delisma, all rights reserved)

Mark on the motorcycle that Boston and he rode.

The road that we went on to speak with folks in the upper part of the Citronier municipal section. Can't see the road? Start on the right, about half way down the photo, and you will see a ridge. Follow the ridge as it goes down towards the left, then up on the left side of the photo and finally, near the top left of the photo, it takes a sharp turn back to the right. Keep following the ridge as it rises up to a dome. We met with folks somewhere just on the far side of that dome. If you expand the photo, you can see the trace that was our road. As in all our trips, the landscape was spectacular.

Our patient audience. In all of our trips in Léogâne, we were rarely on time, and the first thing Boston always said was how he was sorry for our delay. This was a group of approximately 90 men and women from the areas surrounding the Mancicile community. We talked  for almost exactly an hour and then hurried back, to make sure we ddn't get caught in the rain, which would have made the road much more complicated. As always, Gultho shined.

Boston Jean Gilles walking up the rive to our final presentation in May, a community in the lower part of the Citronier municipal section. We took motorcycle taxis for about half an hour and then walked for forty-five minutes, crossing this river nineteen times. An easy trip!

Finally, a decent photo of Gultho Orne (far left) presenting the work of his yard garden to the group in lower Sitronier. Boston Jean Gilles is sitting at the table and ODEPOL's vice-president, Presime, is standing to the right of Boston. As I mentioned in Part I and II, Gultho's presentations were completely unsophisticated, and very effective.

Presime pointing to a parcel of land where a forest regenerated naturally. God's abundance is present everywhere in creation. Our goal is to heal the wounds we have made in God's world, and release the power of creation to provide its fruits in abundance.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so good to see. Was this part of the 5 hour hike up the mountain, and how many miles was it?

Mark Hare; Jenny Bent said...

This is a blog in progress. These photos are from Thursday and Friday, May 17th & 18th.

Kathy said...

Hi Mark, My church Western Blvd Presbyterian Church in Raleigh NC follow your work and love that we are able to help support you a little bit, we are supporting a small orphanage in Tabarre and are in the process of building a new compound in Croix des bouquets. we are building monolithic domes for dormitories. I will bringing another mission team to Haiti the end of June and would love to take a field trip with some of the older children and our team to visit MPP. Will you be in country June 29-July 7th or will you be on sabbatical in the states? These are beautiful pictures of your family thanks for sharing. Blessings to you, Kathy Johnson

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