Tuesday, April 2, 2013

African red worms doing their thing! Eudrilus eugeniae

Wilner Exil's red worms. From left to right, first hand shows the dried manure that we use as food for African red worms. The middle hand shows the worms at work and the third hand shows the finished product, full of worm castings. African red worms do an excellent job of turning dried, resource-limited cow, horse and donkey manure into a high quality, nutrient-concentrated compost. The worms reduce the carbon and concentrate the nutrients, increasing the microbial life exponentially as well. We also add a variety of green leaves to the manure to increase the nutrient value of the compost. We do not use kitchen waste because we have found that it creates a fatal attraction for fire ants. "Fatal" for the red worms, not the fire ants.The scientific name of African red worm: Eudrilus eugeniae

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