Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy New Year! And happy Vegetable Sacks!

Hey Friends,

I got home from Haiti about a week ago with my brother, Keith. Went with Keith to the airport yesterday, and spent some time in Santo Domingo buying prescription medicines for Keila and Annika and a little bit of time in the main office of the IED (Evangelical Dominican Church) planning a curriculum workshop with our Methodist mission worker friend, Adele Graner.

I am so far behind in the stories I want to share. Celebrations of the work in November. An exchange in December between yard garden folks in the Hinche area with folks just starting in "Ti Rivye Bayone" outside of Gonaives. And in January, two workshops, one with the folks of Bayone and another that Rhoda Beutler (of Christian Veterinary Mission in Haiti, Christian Veterinary Mission ) helped me organize. The second workshop was on "Moringa Production in the Yard Garden Context."

For now, here is an excellent YouTube video on sack gardens. Got the link from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Asheville, NC. They are helping develop a World Garden in the Global Village at Camp Grier.

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church has a super community garden. Here is more information:Grace Covenant Community Garden

Here is some information about the Global Village at Camp Grier: Camp Grier Programs

And here is the YouTube Vegetable Sacks link: Vegetable Sacks

I just watched this video and I will be taking it back to Haiti at the end of this month to try it out. I think the trick would be the same as for tires--getting the soil mix right so that roots can penetrate and take advantage of every cubic inch of soil.

Blessings to all and please don't give up on the blog. There WILL be new pictures soon.

In Christ,


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