Friday, May 15, 2015

Follow up to Ferrocement cisterns in the mountains of Verettes

A quick follow up to the original blog. I spoke with Andre yesterday, Thursday May 14th. Ricot Joachim and Exode returned to Dofine this week to finish the project. They put the top on the cistern at MRPST's school/center, then went up into the mountains, and according to Andre, had already finished the second cistern and were headed toward the third. They are working with the same MRSPT masons, hopefully letting them do more and more of the work.

Andre had worked with Herve to get him up the mountain so that he can take photos and continue documenting the work.

Three or four days after the original workshop ended, Herve, Lucien and I sat together and wrote down all of the steps, and all of the measurements, for building a cistern. Hopefully I can get that document put together with the photos to create a manual that MPP can use in their training workshops.

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Anonymous said...

I just read through the "Ferrocement cisterns" with the many clear step by step photos. This is a very useful document that includes key details. More than a fun record of what you did, it is very close to an actual how-to illustrated manual. I look forward to more follow up. Details of the roof and piping, are these available somewhere? Thanks.

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