Monday, July 13, 2009

An afternoon on the beach--Caracol

Cersine Louis (left), Agame Elfraïs's godmother and Agame (right),
on the beach where we spent pretty much all afternoon, swimming and playing.

On Sunday, May 31st after we attended the Episcopal church service in the morning in Cape Haitian, Agame Elfraïs, one of the crew members on the trip, took us to visit his godmother, Cersin Louis, who lives in the community of Caracol, on the beach, east of Cape Haitian (Google Earth coordinates: 19º 41' 41.80 N, 72º 01' 26.22 W). Before heading to Caracol, we picked up five friends from Papay studying agriculture at Fundation Vincent in Cape. (Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are by Mark Hare, all rights reserved)

Agame's godmother and her family put together a feast of fried fish, rice and salad. When we met Cersine on Friday, May 28th, we asked her if they could make a meal for all six of us. She said, "Sure!" Saturday, when we asked if it might be okay to invite another five people, she said "Of course!" When we showed up with one more extra person, nobody even blinked. There is a Haitian proverb, "Manje kwit pa gen mèt" which more or less translates to mean, "Once food is cooked, no one person has dibs on it." We did provide some funds from our trip budget to help pay for the ingredients of the feast. Photo by Agame Elfraïs, all rights reserved.

Paul Jean (left) and Cersine's father (right). Cersine's father borrowed a neighbor's fishing boat and took us out a few hundred meters out into the sea, then some of us swam back to shore. Paul Jean was our host from Terrier Rouge, where we slept the whole time we were in the north and northeast. Paul spent all Sunday with us.

On the raft--Marimode St. Amour, with two other guests, enjoying the ocean for the second
time in her life. Maridmode is one of the hardest workers on the Road to Life Yard crew.


Anonymous said...

It's great when folks leave comments. I love when Mom leaves comments. It'll be great to hear from other folks as well.


Skye said...

HI Mark-
This is Skye, ben's wife. Tricia and I were just talking about you the other day and wondering about Jenny and the baby. I sure enjoy your blog and seeing the great work you are involved with. It is good to hear about the members of Road to Life Yard crew as well. Thanks for all your hard work- looks like the trip to the ocean was a great time of fun!

Mark Hare; Jenny Bent said...

Thanks for the note, Skye. Jenny is doing well. Everything indicates that the baby is fine. We are just waiting for labor to start. Or, at the latest, Friday Jenny's doctor, Dr. Solis, says she will schedule a Caesarian.

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