Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember the other blog

Don't forget to check out Jenny and my other blog, on Word Press. I'm using blogger to catch up on old news, and to publish some of the bigger photos (you can click on the photos to see them closer to full-size), and I'll use the wordpress for "new" news (like the birth of Jenny and my child, when that happens), as well as for background information about MPP, what MPP's Road to Life Yard-Moringa project is all about, what we do, exactly with Moringa and what Jenny's work is all about in MPP's Integrated Health Center, "Mironda Heston."

Here's the link:



Mark said...

To leave a comment on blogger, type in the letters of the word verificatio and choose an identity. Name without URL, for example.

The word identification helps avoid suffering from malicious programs that are set up to saturate comments on blogs with ranadom, meaningless verbage.

Catherine said...

Hi Mark, Jenny and Keila,
Thank you so much for posting on your blog. It gives us a good picture of what is happening in the Central Plateau an Papay/Hinche/Bassin Zim in particular. Hopefully supplies will begin to arrive in all parts of Haiti very shortly. Our prayers are with all of you, your friends and co-workers and all of Haiti! We are thankful for the safety of Chavannes' family in Port au Prince!

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