Saturday, September 3, 2011

Annika Estela Hare's Baptism

Sunday, August 14th family and friends gathered at the New England Presbyterian Church, in the rural community of New England six miles from Amesville, to celebrate Hymn Sunday, and to join with Jenny, Keila and me in baptizing our second daughter, Annika.

It was a very special time. All of my brothers and sisters and wives and husband were present and most of my nephews, along with friends and neighbors. Jenny's brother, Norman, came from Detroit, with his frirnd Marifer and Marifer's daughter, Henrietta. All told, over sixty people attended the service and the coffee hour afterwards. We were very concious of our Creator's presence with us that Sunday, God's grace present and accounted for.

Arriving at New England Presbyterian Church Sunday AM. From left to right, Rachel and Zachary, two of my sister Nancy's children. Nancy is holding Keila, and my niece Emily, one of my brother Keith's two daughters, is right behind us.

The Baptism. My father, Rev Frank Hare (second from right), officiated. Gary Gould (far right) represented the New England session. Marcia Burchby (far left), our long time friend and supporter, agreed to become Annika's Godmother. Norman (second from left) became Annika's Godfather.

Presenting the new member of the church Family

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