Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Arrived in Nicaragua

Jenny, Keila, Annika and I arrived in Nicaragua last night around 8:30. Jenny's younger brother, Michael came to pick us up with one other car, and incredibly, the two drivers were able to get all our luggage, and us, in the two cars and make it in one trip.

It was a long trip yesterday. My brother, Keith, his wife, Priscilla and their son, Keegan, came to see us off. So did my sister Nancy, her daughter, Leah and two sons, Zachary and Seth. Mom and Dad drove up from Amesville to spend the night near the airport and came to see us off as well. It was a huge help to get all our luggage, a boxed up bike, strollers, car seats and, oh yes, Keila and Annika, to the ticket counter. They allowed Keith to go through security to help us get settled at the gate, with all our carry on. When I asked American Airlines for help, an American Airlines authority told us we should only be taking on the plane what we could actually carry ourselves. I pointed out that we had two very young children who can't carry on their own carry on.

In any case, we made it. We were delayed in Miami due to heavy rains and we arrived in Nicargua over an hour late, but we made it. Keila fell asleep last night immediately after her bath. Annika took longer to settle into a new house with new noises.

Word has it that a piece of luggage that didn't quite make it last night will be delivered to the Bent's house today.

It is a great privilege to be able to move from family in Ohio to family here in Managua. Thank you to all of you who have also become part of our family, who hold us in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep us in those prayers as we continue to transition from the States to Nicaragua and from one job to another. We are still waiting final word for what comes next in 2012. I will be returning to Haiti the second week of October to finish out the year with MPP's Road to Life Yard project. Jenny and the girls will stay with Jenny's family here in Managua.

In Christ,

Mark, Jenny, Keila and Annika

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